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Special Guest Andres Mellado 4-8 July
Fringe Shows - Daily 3-26 August

Classes& Performance with special guest Andres Mellado
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Alba Flamenca - Edinburgh Fringe 2018  India Flamenca - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Summer Term ends Sat 23rd Jun

What a celebration for our 10th birthday! Thanks to all who came to our Feria de Edimburgo and made it a wonderful night. Hardly time to grab your breath and we are off again. Coming up: Annual Student Spectacular (Sat Jun 23rd), then a real treat with our Special Guest from Spain, Andres Mellado. He will be performing and offering classes. Make sure you don't miss out. And of course, August means live flamenco shows every day of the week!

At the heart of Alba Flamenca is the desire to make flamenco accessible to all. So naturally we offer a wide range of classes from complete beginner to advanced performers. We even have classes for kids - they love it!
Not only that, we hold regular Flamenco Noches, where you can enjoy some good quality food as you enjoy a good quality flamenco show.
Above all, we want you to participate...and many of our students look forward to the annual end-of-year show in a big theatre where they get the opportunity to perform the dance they have been learning.

WARNING! Learning to dance flamenco can be a life-changing event!

Student Spectacular
Sat 23rd June 7.30

Alba Flamenca - Student Spectacular June 23rd 2018
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Alba Flamenca Annual Student Spectacular




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