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Class Levels

So that you can fully enjoy and get the best out of your flamenco class it is important to choose the right level of class. To help you decide which level is right for you, here is a brief summary of the general levels.

All levels learn a complete choreography and there are several opportunities during the year for each class students perform their dance for others.


FlamencoKids have all the fun! Children learn to stamp, shout and clap within the context of an authentic flamenco dance while getting a feeling for the compexity of flamenco rhythmns.

Classes are organised by (approximate) age group: 4-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 9-12 yrs & 12+ yrs and the ability of the child. Start by signing up for your age group and the teacher will put all students at the most appropriate level.


The perfect introduction to flamenco dance. No previous knowledge or understanding of flamenco dance or music required. Or also suitable for those who have danced Sevillanas and now want to to learn the basics of flamenco dance.

Students learn a simple choreography in an authentic flamenco style. While doing this, they also gain an understanding of the essential 'compas' (rhythmn) and start to develop some of the fundamental flamenco techniques including arms (braceo), fingers and hands (floreo), upper body (torso) and footwork (zapateado).

No specific clothing is required for beginner classes, but students should wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes/boots with a chunky heel, which can be worn comfortably for the duration of the class.


Substantial footwork technique required, normally suitable for students with 2-3 years of regular flamenco dance. Students are assumed to be familiar with many types of flamenco dance and structure and to be confident with most flamenco 'compas'. There is a focus on establishing good overall technique, which exhibits both style and expression.

Intermediate students start to explore more complex styles and choreographies with increasing opportunity to use ‘palmas’ and ‘jaleo’ through their interactions with others in class. There will be frequent usage of live musicians to provide a more 'interactional' flamenco experience.

Students should wear a flamenco skirt/dress (female students) and good flamenco shoes/boots.


For students who have a mastery over the key skills along with a solid, wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of all styles of flamenco dance, music and structure. This class is very much geared towards the idea of performance and improvisation, so students need to have the ability to quickly learn new steps and techniques.

Advanced classes assume all students understand the underlying compas and are able to work on their own to keep up if required. Students are also expected to participate confidently in their use of ‘palmas’ within the class.

Live musicians will predominately be on offer in these classes to enable students to consolidate their interactions within a performance context.

Students should wear a flamenco skirt/dress (female students) and good flamenco shoes/boots.

General Classes

Some classes have no specified level and are suitable for all types of students regardless of experience or ability. For example, Palmas and Cajon can be enjoyable and of benefit to a whole range of students in the same class - in fact a mix of abilities usually makes it a little more interesting.

By focussing on specific aspects of a dance, the teacher can set individual levels for each student so that all will benefit from the class, regardless of ability.

General dance classes have the usual simple requirements for flamenco wear - flared skirt (female students)/ loose trousers (male students) and comfortable, strong shoes - although full flamenco dress is equally at home in these classes.

flamenco shirts