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Don't think this is just 'one man clapping'. There is a whole technique behind Palmas to get multiple sounds and solid rhythms. Having said that, how many other instruments can you pick up and play straight away? You may be surprised how much fun this can be.
Initially, you will learn to keep a simple compas. Once you progress and understand this, you can start speeding up and playing with syncopation.


We offer Cajon classes suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced so they are perfect for all, whether you want learn or improve your technique.

The class is usually mixed with the teacher following each student and giving inividual coaching within a group environment. This makes the class really fun as everyone contributes to the pulsating rhythms, regardless of their experience.

In addition, we run some occasional workshops for flamenco instruments - keep an eye of the website for details.

Flamenco Guitar

We are very excited to announce the start of Flamenco Guitar classes, with the wonderful Dani Lopez, all the way from Cordoba. Dani should be familiar to many of you after his wonderful guitar work with Alba Flamenca during our Fringe shows.

This class is suitable for all levels. For more information, send an email to guitar@albaflamenca.co.uk with your name, email, mobile and level of experience.


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