• Veronica Sobrinos - a passionate, soulful vocalist with growing reputation
  • Ramon Soler - a raw, talented flamenco guitarist
  • Aroa Paredes - passion, intensity and feeling

Flamenco Noche (23rd March, 8pm)

An intimate, raw, emotional performance in our own Alba Flamenca venue. Our own dancers and musicians are joined onstage by our special guests from Spain: the exciting guitarist Ramon Soler and the passionate and soulful vocalist Veronica Sobrinos.

Make it a bigger taste of Spain with some tapas in LaSal, our Spanish Tapas Bar next door.

  • Dancers: Aroa Paredes & Irene Perez
  • Cante: Veronica Sobrinos & David Salvador
  • Music: Ramon Soler & Pedro Morote

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Our Special Guests

Ramon Soler is a raw, talented flamenco guitarist, from a real flamenco family in Jerez and grew up with flamenco music as a way of life.

Veronica Sobrinos is a passionate and soulful vocalist with a growing reputation on the Spanish flamenco scene.