A story from the roots of flamenco

A story of dance…
A story of tradition…
A story of flamenco.

3 dancers from 3 cultures bring you the story of India Flamenco

Since long, long ago, music and dance has brought people together to tell stories. The wandering Kathakars brought Kathak dance to the people of Northern India; the Ghawazi street performers told their woes through Raqs Sharqi across Egypt and the Middle East; Cante Jondo was the Andalucian gypsy form for their collective pain and suffering.

Every performance kept alive the cultural identity of the community, passing on the traditional cultural values and folklore across the generations. And as these Romani peoples wandered, their music and dance wandered too, influencing new communities and bringing new cultural identities.

This is a story that celebrates the power of music and dance to bring people together, united in their own unique cultural identity. And it is also a recognition, that despite our cultural differences, we all share the same fundamental human values and the need to tell stories.

August 2-25
Daily show at 17.30
Tickets £10 / £8

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Our Dancing Storytellers

Anureka Ghosh is an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is based in India, and performs in Asia, Europe and beyond with Anurekha Ghosh & Company. View some videos.

Iraya Noble is an established performer and teacher from Granada. Growing up as a flamenco dancer, her life changed when she discovered Egyptian Dance and now is in high demand for her energetic and sinuous Raqs Sharqi dance style. Be prepared to be impressed by her ‘Khaleegi’ – head movement.

Maria del Mar Suarez is a prize-winning flamenco dancer, exploring new and innovative forms of flamenco. In huge demand in her native Spain, it is a real privilege to experience her power and personality right here in Edinburgh.