Live flamenco in the heart of Edinburgh

  • Passion, intensity and special guests
  • Flamenco Kids at Alba Flamenca getting ready for their big show.
  • Alba Flamenca at Queens Hall with Grupo Magnetico
  • Our annual Feria de Edimburgo

Alba Flamenca understands that flamenco is primarily about the expression and experience of live performance. We have been bringing quality, authentic flamenco to the heart of Edinburgh for well over a decade. And we also offer live flamenco performance throughout the year.

Flamenco Noches, Special Guests, Student Spectacular, Feria de Edimburgo, Edinburgh Fringe Festival – there is always something going on at Alba Flamenca.

Current Events

Flamenco Noches – Saturdays

  • 20th Jan 2024
  • 24th Feb 2024
  • 23rd March 2024
  • 27th April 2024

Previous Events

With special thanks to all of our many, many talented musicians and contributors, past and present. We couldn’t do it without you!