• Alvaro Ramirez Romero - an innovative approach to flamenco cante
  • Ramon Soler - a raw, talented flamenco guitarist
  • Maria del Mar Suarez - prize-winning flamenco dancer, exploring new forms of flamenco.

Flamenco Soul (6th April, 8pm)

Our new production is an intense display of flamenco fire and passion. Featuring some Alba Flamenca regulars alongside our special guests Ramon Soler (guitar), Maria del Mar Suarez (baile) and Alvaro Ramirez Romero (cante).

For this new event, we are using a new venue – Assembly Roxy.

  • Dancers: Aroa Paredes & Maria del Mar Suarez
  • Cante: Alvaro Romero & David Salvador
  • Music: Carlos Cortes & Pedro Morote
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from Assembly Roxy

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Our Special Guests

Alvaro Ramirez Romero is a very exciting talent from Cadiz who pushes the boundaries of flamenco. Lyrically he introduces contemporary themes, such as gender and identity and has collaborated in multiple video projects and theatrical productions. (Also see Dance & Singing Workshop 6th-9th April)

Maria del Mar Suarez is a prize-winning flamenco dancer, exploring new and innovative forms of flamenco.

Ramon Soler is a raw, talented flamenco guitarist, from a real flamenco family in Jerez and grew up with flamenco music as a way of life.